Most Excellent Whiners

whiningI truly empathize with HRC voters. In 2008 when Barack Obama won, those who voted Republican were similarly devastated. Many of us understood that our new president would take this country further to the left. For me, it has turned out worse than I could have imagined. But I just do not remember the same level of shear panic. In fact, many shared my sentiment: while I did not vote for Barack Obama, I was proud that this country had elected its first black president. It was monumental. Let’s give him a chance, I thought.  

I do have a suggestion for those still hyperventilating about Trump winning. You might not like the idea, however, because it involves (gasp)…a belief in God! In the run up to this election, I was reminded of Psalm 146:3-4:

Put no trust in princes, in mere mortals powerless to save. When they breathe their last, they return to the earth; That day all their planning comes to nothing.

That gave me comfort. I trust in no politician. The sun would come up the next day, and there are more important things in life to ponder.

But this election cycle has been different. After being in shock for 24 hours after the election, many are now like two year-old’s who don’t get their way. Rather than throwing themselves down in the grocery store, flailing and screaming as their parents desperately try to appease them, they have come up with their own way to “act out”.

Those associated with the Clinton’s have consistently tried to deflect the reason they lost. It is pretty simple in my opinion: they had a flawed candidate and offered nothing new to an electorate bent on a change of direction. Of course, in keeping with the philosophy of the left, it cannot possibly be anything they did. It has to be someone else’s fault.

deplorablesSo, putting aside the fact that they believe all who voted for Trump are racist, deplorable and uneducated, what might be the reason? First, it had to be voter fraud in the closely contested states. The face of the recount drama was driven by none other than the Green candidate Jill Stein, supported by the Clinton machine no doubt. She got more media attention and raised more money during her 10 minutes of recount fame than she did the entire campaign.

Or maybe it was James Comey and the FBI. Mr. Comey was praised in July by the Left, but now I doubt will show up at many Democratic events. And of course, it had to be because of the Russians, or no wait, because the Trump campaign focused on the Alt-right. Wait, wait, it had to be Fox News and talk radio.

And don’t forget that evil electoral college. How undemocratic! What is so amusing is that more electors defected from Clinton than Trump, despite the pleadings of Martin Sheen and other entertainers-turned-constitutional experts in their campaign to have electors “vote their conscious”.

electorlIt is amusing now to watch how many on the Left want to abolish the electoral college, since it did not turn out well for them this time. Yes, Clinton won the popular vote. But only because she ran up the counts in big states like California and New York, or places like Chicago. The electoral system and the American people are the winners here. The system was meant to make sure that large population centers could not drown out the “fly over country” that those on the two coasts, the liberal media and the ruling elite on the left and the right have ignored.

So now the effort will be to take Clinton’s win in the popular vote and concentrate on that as a way to delegitimize Trump’s administration and policies. This article in CNN illustrates the strategy and you will see this theme over and over again touted in the liberal media.

My liberal friends love to talk about how the Republicans from the very beginning took the attitude that they would never work with Obama, and that is why legislation like Obamacare were rammed down the throats of the American people without a single Republican vote. At the root of their argument was racism: all who opposed Obama on policy were racist. They did an excellent job demonizing us who opposed their liberal agenda, and drowning out debate.

Now the shoe is on the other foot, isn’t it? I wonder if the Left will quietly now try to work with the new administration? Isn’t that the right thing to do for the country, using that argument? Not a chance. The only difference is that no one will call them racist.

I would leave my liberal friends with a final grain of hope. You need to think big picture. The fact is, since WWII and the FDR administration, this country has slowly, but steadily, abandoned our founding principles. Our founding fathers (oh, sorry, I mean “evil white man who happened to be in charge at the time”), were more closely aligned with libertarian philosophy and constructed a system of government based on that philosophy. From the FDR administration onward, power shifted to the central government and the notion that government can solve every imaginable problem. That is now the predominant mindset. Trump is likely just a speedbump along that path.

Jeff Groh is a fiscal conservative and a social moderate. He believes more often than not, both sides of the political spectrum actually agree on the ends, but it is the means that fuel disagreements, with the far right and left resorting to name-calling rather than a pursuing a rational debate on the issues, trade-offs and unintended consequences. His consulting company, New Product Visions, helps companies improve their innovation management practices, and he is passionate about the creation of economic value and prosperity by restoring our country’s manufacturing base. Want to email me?

Most Excellent Whiners

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